The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts

The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts

Written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CEDR's emergence as the world's leading independent disputes consultancy, The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts captures the experience of two leading internationally renowned mediators, who share their professional insights into how we can achieve better conflict management in our personal and professional lives.

This book explains how the commercial mediation process, and other independent conflict intervention techniques, deliver results. It highlights the personal and entrepreneurial nature of the authors' contributions to a new legal and business discipline.

Key benefits to the audience

This book will help the reader to:

  • get in-depth insight into conflict dynamics and the personal and professional tools to work effectively with conflicts
  • understand how to achieve better ways of managing conflict in their own lives
  • acquire key leadership skills and concepts for thinking in practical ways about conflict and negotiations
  • use tips for assessing their own performance in conflict or negotiation
  • learn why conflict interventions fail and what to do about that consider questions of gender diversity, leadership and technology in the practice of conflict resolution
  • understand the elements behind forging dramatic change in professional practice.

The book is very timely because of its coinciding with a new wave of enthusiasm for the use of mediation in legal systems, with the launch of the Singapore Convention for Enforcement of Mediated Agreements; and the recent pronouncements in the English legal system opening the way towards extensive use of compulsory mediation in justice systems.

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