Dr Karl Mackie CBE - Full time Mediator


Karl is particularly valued in multi-party, complex business disputes and in cases where there are difficult issues, personality clashes, high profile claims or cultural challenges. As well as a regular stream of commercial contract cases, he has mediated some of the most complex commercial cases, most recently becoming involved in OECD human rights cases involving organisations like WWF and Formula 1.

Karl is also an independent Arbitrator and Adjudicator with ACAS and Government departments, a mediator on a UN and World Bank panels, and is appointed from time to time on ad hoc independent investigations and inquiries.

Mediator Profile

See Karl's CV for full description.

Co-Mediation with Eileen Carroll QC Hon and others

In addition to being co-authors of The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts and International Mediation, Karl and Eileen are two prominent, world-class Mediators who are also celebrated for their pivotal roles in the founding, developing and leading of CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). Eileen is a top name in mediation and one of the most sought after mediators in practice today, and she is acclaimed as one of the pioneers of mediation globally. See more information on Eileen.

Karl and Eileen have extensive experience of co-mediating together in difficult and complex cases, and also separately with prominent names in the mediation and legal worlds, as well as with technical assessors. Large proportions of these cases were in the public eye or were a matter of significant national interest.

Consulting and Independent Chairing

Has strong experience as business consultant and in his time with CEDR, acted as Consultant or overseen consultancy to World Bank, European Commission and other international project sponsors on business and civil justice system development, with various sovereign governments and civil justice systems including India, Pakistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, China, Denmark, Holland, Qatar and others.

He has also worked with various public bodies (FSA, ACAS), government departments (Business, Health, Transport, Community and Planning, Education, Overseas development, Procurement) and industry associations (railways, retail, motor manufacturers, patent and trademarks, insurance, sports etc.) in the development of dispute systems design.

Other Services


Author of numerous articles on mediation in the business and professional press, Karl has also co-authored leading texts in the field including The EU Mediation Atlas, The ADR Practice Guide (3rd ed.), The Mediator's Tale: The CEDR Story of Better Conflicts and International Mediation: Breaking Business Deadlock (3rd ed.), as well as contributing two chapters in Butterworth’s Mediators on Mediation and chapters in How to Master Negotiation and Stories that Mediators Tell.


Regularly requested to deliver major strategic presentations on negotiation, breaking deadlock and conflict resolution, he has spoken at Law Society and Bar Council annual conferences, CBI, European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, and been interviewed for several radio and TV programmes including Today, Business Tonight, BBC Radio Ulster and Radio 5 live (on football manager club disputes).

All of Karl’s work is managed through CEDR Chambers (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). To enquire about Karl’s availability or to book him for a mediation call the Commercial Team on +44 (0)20 7536 6060 or email adr@cedr.com. To contact Karl directly, kmackie@cedr.com; M +44 (0)7958 523025.